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The Accident is Just the Beginning.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to deal with all on it’s own, the impact of another person’s car against your own sets forth a complicated series of actions that must be undertaken to try and recover from the disaster. Without the assistance of a skilled team of Denver car accident lawyers, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to claim the total amount the situation really requires.

Don’t Try to Fight Your Insurance Company Alone.

If you’ve ever seen The Incredibles, the opening scene shows a fairly accurate reflection of the public’s perception of big insurance companies.

In the scene, a cute little old lady submits an insurance claim that gets denied. She starts getting emotional with the main character, Mr. Incredible, and he cautiously looks around before telling the lady exactly what she needs to do to get around the complicated insurance system. Though this scene and film are a work of fiction, it’s hard to deny the tie to real life, and how difficult it is to actually push through an insurance claim—even with full coverage!

Insurance companies deal with auto accident claims on a regular basis. They’re uniquely qualified to skirt and shirk these responsibilities due to their intimate knowledge of the claims process, and the fact that they know most of their clients won’t fight the first offer put on the table.

Let’s say that you do fight back. You’re going up against insurance professionals skilled in the art of deception, and their team of expert witnesses and lawyers who make a living on preventing people like you from getting the full amount you’re due after an auto accident.

The “fight” really starts during the moment of impact, car against car. Your immediate next steps can have a huge effect on the claim you’ll be able to make. These same actions will also affect your ability to win your case. Because the stakes are so high, it’s important to connect with a Denver car accident lawyer as soon as possible—or even before an accident happens!

Types of Car Accidents.

You’re a safe driver. You always use your turn signal, you follow the rules of the road. You are hyper aware of the cars around you and never, ever use your cell phone while driving. Despite your best efforts, you may still be injured in a car accident. Few drivers are as cautious as you.The road is full of negligent or reckless drivers. Here are just a few of the most common accidents.

Call the Denver car accident lawyers at Manning Law immediately after an accident.

This consultation is free, and will tee you up for success by providing all the guidance you’ll need to start pursuing an auto accident insurance claim.