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Uber & Lyft Safety Tips

Posted On March 30, 2023 / By iLawyer / Car Accidents,Personal Injury,Rideshare Car Accidents

Uber and Lyft might be safer than driving yourself home, but these apps are not without risk. Both Uber and Lyft have documented histories of serious incidents involving their riders, including car crashes, kidnappings and sexual assaults. Use these tips from our Aurora personal injury lawyers to keep yourself as safe as possible on your…

Who Is Legally Responsible for Injuries in a Premises Liability Case?

Posted On March 23, 2023 / By iLawyer / Personal Injury,Premises Liability

Anyone who owns, manages or maintains a property in Colorado has a legal responsibility to keep the premises reasonably free from hazards. If a property owner falls short of this duty of care and someone gets injured as a result, the owner or another party can be held responsible with a premises liability claim. Who…

What to Do After an Accident With an Uber or Lyft Driver

Posted On March 17, 2023 / By iLawyer / Car Accidents,Rideshare Car Accidents

It can be difficult enough to know what steps to take after a standard car accident, much less one involving a rideshare vehicle. If your crash involves an Uber or Lyft driver, you will have a more complicated insurance claim. You may be able to hold the rideshare company responsible, for example, and not just…

Most Common Premises Liability Claims in Colorado

Posted On March 8, 2023 / By iLawyer / Premises Liability,Slip and Fall

Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility that property owners have over the safety of their properties. A premises liability claim is a civil lawsuit filed by an injured accident victim against a property owner or landlord for falling short of this responsibility. In Colorado, many different types of accidents can lead to premises liability…

Who Is Liable For a Bus Accident?

Posted On February 28, 2023 / By iLawyer / Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can affect dozens of people and cause severe injuries or deaths. If you get involved in a bus accident in Colorado, it may be difficult to know who is responsible for paying for any injuries or property damage that you suffered. You may need assistance from an experienced attorney to determine the cause…

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury After an Accident

Posted On February 21, 2023 / By iLawyer / Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are commonly suffered in accidents in Colorado. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 64,000 brain-injury-related deaths in the United States in 2020 alone. Knowing when you have a traumatic brain injury can help you seek professional medical care as soon as possible – potentially saving your life….