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Do they always answer the phone?

Posted On September 16, 2015 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

We’re not much for muckraking, but we heard a question the other day we wanted to answer. There’s a practice popular with some Denver personal injury lawyers–the 24/7 phone line.  You may be wondering just how it’s possible for a lawyer to maintain a 24/7 phone line. Let us be clear, we would never accuse any other…

What You Need To Know About The Chipotle Salmonella Outbreak

Posted On September 14, 2015 / By iLawyer / Personal Injury

Late last week, it was reported that a number of Chipotle stores in Minnesota had been linked to an outbreak of salmonella. CNBC reported about this outbreak HERE   At the time of writing our article, 45 cases had been identified. When interviewed, patients reported eating at Chipotle between the 16th and 26th of August. The…

UIM Insurance

Posted On September 11, 2015 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

People tend to think about auto insurance during one of two types of moments. The first time is as they are shopping for a quote. When you’re looking for a quote, you’re probably most concerned with price. You might gloss right over those three letters on the declarations page: UIM. This is an article about UIM insurance coverage….

Nursing Home Admission Agreement Graphic

Posted On September 10, 2015 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

When someone you love has been injured and you’re thinking about a nursing home it’s normal to feel like you have to act quickly. That’s why we made this nursing home admission agreement graphic. It’s important to remember to go slow. It’s hard to make decisions about life care. It’s even harder to understand the…

Three Particularly Stunning UIM Videos

Posted On September 9, 2015 / By iLawyer / Car Accidents,Drunk Driving Accidents

UIM or Underinsured Motorist coverage is a special type of auto insurance. According to some sources, as many as 2 out of every 7 drivers is only insured up to the “state minimum” level of coverage. In Colorado, that means that many drivers are only covered for “25/50:” $25,000 of individual damage and $50,000 dollars…

Safest Hospital

Posted On September 8, 2015 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

You’ve probably heard about the overcrowding of classrooms. You probably haven’t heard much about how overworked nurses are. If you think back to the last time you or a loved one were injured and in a hospital, you probably can remember the nurse. That’s because nurses are the most visible element of any care team….