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Six Steps after a Slip and Fall

Posted On October 30, 2015 / By Content Edit / Slip and Fall

Tripping and hurting yourself in public can be terrifying. Often, when people trip and hurt themselves, it is not actually the fault of the victim. We have laws that require homes, walkways and other buildings to maintain a basic level of safety. If you’ve ever looked at building codes, you probably recognize that many of…

The Basics: Slip and Falls

Posted On October 26, 2015 / By Content Edit / Slip and Fall

Sometimes you slip on a wet floor. Other times you trip on a piece of torn carpeting. Maybe you slipped on a patch of ice walking into a building. The truth is, accidents happen all of the time. When many people hear about ‘slip and falls,’ they often make many assumptions. The truth is that…

Tips For Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted On October 19, 2015 / By Content Edit / Personal Injury

Until you are injured in a car accident, you might not even notice them, but they are everywhere. Advertisements for personal injury attorneys- on billboards, the radio, buses, even pedicabs. Because of the sheer amount of advertisements, this otherwise simple search can feel overwhelming. What is the best way to find and choose the lawyer…

Four More Accident Myths

Posted On October 2, 2015 / By Content Edit / Burn Injury,Car Accidents

Hopefully, you’ve already gotten a chance to check out our first post on car accident myths. Myth: People who make injury claims are just looking to make some easy money. You’ve probably seen the person who rips off their neck brace walking down the courtroom steps on TV before. Maybe you’ve even seen someone pouring water on…

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted On September 23, 2015 / By Content Edit / Personal Injury

When you actually need a lawyer Sometimes an accident is clear cut. It’s obvious who is right and who is wrong. The damages are straightforward and costs are easy to calculate. If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a personal injury case, you know the truth. Those exceptions are rare. An attorney’s skills can…

Do they always answer the phone?

Posted On September 16, 2015 / By Content Edit / Uncategorized

We’re not much for muckraking, but we heard a question the other day we wanted to answer. There’s a practice popular with some Denver personal injury lawyers–the 24/7 phone line.  You may be wondering just how it’s possible for a lawyer to maintain a 24/7 phone line. Let us be clear, we would never accuse any other…