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Avoid Denver Truck Accidents with Defensive Driving Techniques

Posted On November 6, 2019 / By iLawyer / Truck Accidents

When navigating roads packed with semi-trucks, it’s necessary to apply caution and defensive driving techniques to ensure your safety. According to the Denver Post, truck crashes are killing more people than they were decade ago. After the infamous devastating and explosive Denver truck accident on I-70 in April, there is no hiding from this troubling reality….

Recent, Tragic Car Crashes Happening on the Streets of Denver

Posted On May 17, 2018 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Those traveling on Colorado roads, especially Denver interstates, are no strangers to horrific accidents. From winter conditions to drunk drivers and people simply headed the wrong direction, Denver car accidents can happen. And when they do, the results can be devastating. According to the Denver Post, a total of 615 people died on the roads…

Common Car Accident Injuries To Be Aware Of

Posted On February 19, 2018 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

It’s no secret that car accidents cause injuries. And unfortunately, some of those injuries require treatment at an emergency care facility. Most car accidents result in what’s referred to as “impact injuries”. This type of injury comes from slamming into part of the vehicle when hit by another car or an airborne object. Other common…

Accidents on I25: The Dangers & How to Plan a Safe Commute

Posted On January 29, 2018 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

It’s no secret, I25 is a treacherous path for those in the Denver area. Dubbed the most dangerous stretch of highway in the Denver area, I25 poses a number of threats to drivers just trying to make it from point A to point B in one piece. As a personal injury law firm, we’ve seen…

A Quick Look At Driving Apps

Posted On December 30, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Smartphones are everywhere. Whether it’s playing a game, keeping up to date with news on the go or even getting some work done a smartphone can prove a helpful tool. It sure can seem like there’s an app for everything–even driving. Driving Apps have been made popular in part by gadgets offered up by insurance…

Personal Injury Lawyers In Denver

Posted On December 23, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Finding personal injury lawyers in Denver takes a lot more work than it should. Over the years, we’ve met had the privilege of working with a number of happy clients. Many of those clients share with us the difficulties they face in finding competent counsel, let alone someone who exemplifies the qualities of a great…