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What Is An Insurance Adjuster?

Posted On July 1, 2016 / By Content Edit / Bad Faith Insurance,Personal Injury

A few days ago, we were asked a question that made us stop and think. We were asked, what is an adjuster? While we’ve written in the past about problems with Allstate insurance adjusters and even taking a look at how an attorney can negotiate with an insurance adjuster on your behalf, and even what a typical day…

Claims Adjuster Won’t Answer Calls?

Posted On January 8, 2016 / By Content Edit / Bad Faith Insurance

If you’ve ever been in an accident, odds are you’ve had to play a game or two of ‘phone tag.’ Whether you’re trying to schedule appointments or making other arrangements related to your accident, the ‘process’ can be exhausting. One of the most frustrating questions we get from our prospective clients is what to do when…

A Closer Look at Allstate Insurance Adjuster Claims

Posted On January 6, 2016 / By Content Edit / Bad Faith Insurance

One of the great things about the internet is that it makes it much easier to access information about the experiences of other people. Some years ago, ABC News ran an investigation on Allstate Insurance Adjuster Claims. What they found was startling. Every claim is unique, and it isn’t possible to accurately comment on the specifics…