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Is Colorado Dangerous for Pedestrians?

Posted On July 5, 2022 / By Content Edit / Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road in Colorado. For this reason, our experienced Denver car accident lawyers recommend drivers to always be careful and watch for pedestrians to prevent collisions. Unfortunately, drivers – and pedestrians – often behave negligently, resulting in pedestrian accidents and serious injuries. Despite ongoing campaigns to spread awareness…

Pedestrian Safety

Posted On August 31, 2015 / By Content Edit / Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Safety means knowing what’s okay, when and where.[/caption] Every day a child is told that he or she must look both ways before crossing the street. That timeless childhood lesson should be remembered by all of us. Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians often lead to serious injuries. Check out this Pedestrian Safety and Pedestrian Accident Infographic….

Pedestrian Accident Facts

Posted On August 27, 2015 / By Content Edit / Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The truth is, pedestrian accident facts are shocking. We’ve written in the past about some of the dangers of pedestrian accidents. In 2006, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were more than 60,000 accidents involving pedestrians. A 2000 study noted pedestrian accident facts showed that there were 80 deaths in Colorado. We…

Pedestrian Accident Infographic

Posted On August 25, 2015 / By Content Edit / Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Check out this great pedestrian accident infographic we found HERE  When we found this pedestrian accident infographic, we were shocked. We were shocked to see just how many pedestrian accidents involved alcohol. It’s important to remember to stay safe as you walk along the roadway. If you’re walking at night, carry some form of illumination…

What To Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Denver

Posted On April 23, 2015 / By Content Edit / Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you’ve spent any time driving around Denver, you know that there aren’t many roads where cars travel under 30 miles per hour. What you may not know, is that if a car traveling at or above 30 MPH collides with a pedestrian the results will almost certainly be fatal. An accident at 10 MPH…