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Personal Injury Lawyers In Denver

Posted On December 23, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Finding personal injury lawyers in Denver takes a lot more work than it should. Over the years, we’ve met had the privilege of working with a number of happy clients. Many of those clients share with us the difficulties they face in finding competent counsel, let alone someone who exemplifies the qualities of a great…

Ski Slope Accident Injury

Posted On May 12, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

We were thrilled when we discovered that Chris Halsne and Chris Koeberl at KDVR took a look at one of the things many people don’t know about injuries out on the slopes. Their piece, embedded above, explains how Colorado law actually shields Ski Resorts from having to share information about a person who injured you….

Semi Truck Accidents

Posted On April 21, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

When you get into a car and start to drive down the road, you have what some attorneys refer to as a duty of care. This is a fancy way of saying that you should feel responsible for acting in a way that keeps the roads safe for everyone. Sometimes this means making your best…

One Thing To Know Before You File A Fire Insurance Claim

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After a fire, many homeowners consult their homeowner’s insurance policy and contact their fire insurance provider. While you can file your fire insurance claim on your own, there are some things you should know before you get started. Many insurance companies encourage you to make calling your insurance agent one of the first things you…

Steps In A Typical Asbestos Lawsuit

Posted On April 15, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Earlier this week, we took a closer look at asbestos. We wanted to spend a few minutes today looking at the seven stages that occur during a typical asbestos lawsuit. While each case is unique, most cases follow a similar pattern. This pattern is also similar to many other sorts of cases, like auto accident…

What Your Asbestos Lawyer Might Not Tell You

Posted On April 11, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

You’ve probably seen many ads for asbestos lawyers on TV. By now, most people have learned the basics of Asbestos. They know that the material was used for years in construction, insulation, and other product packaging. Many people are aware that asbestos is a known carcinogen and that exposure can have fatal consequences. What many…