Cell Phone Usage Infographic

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Personal Injury Lawyer Cell Phone Usage Infographic

Lots of drivers know about the dangers of driving while using your cell phone. We were surprised by some of the information we found in this cell phone usage infographic from The National Safety Council and Nationwide Insurance. That’s why we wanted to make sure we shared it with you.

Cell Phone Usage Infographic

In addition to producing this infographic, Nationwide prepared a whitepaper for the National Safety Council about the underreporting of cell phone usage in auto accidents. The report includes examples of different circumstances where a cell phone was involved in an accident but not reported on.

The truth about cell phone usage and auto accidents is that because it’s very difficult to know whether or not a cell phone was used around the time of an auto accident. Newer technologies like a so-called Textalyzer promise to make this an easier task in the future.

Until that time, officers and investigators rely on indicators and suspected crash numbers to make recommendations about safety guidelines.

It’s important that you remind your loved ones to pay attention while they’re driving. No phone call is more important than driving safely.