Denver Dodge Durango Car Crash Fire

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Severe accidents like the one that happened this last Monday, August 3rd, are often the subject of complicated investigations. When an accident also includes criminal charges, the injured have rights that they may not have in a low-impact accident.

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Dodge Durango Car Crash Denver

A severe six vehicle crash occurred in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood early Monday morning. One person was killed. At the time of writing, two people were critically injured.

Witnesses allege that a man in a white Dodge Durango was weaving in and out of traffic. They claim that he had ran multiple red lights. One witness reported that the Dodge Durango was moving with so fast that the vehicle’s tires were spinning out from the vehicle.

One officer, responding to the call stated that he saw the Durango speed past him at approximately 100 mph.

One of the vehicles involved in the multiple car crash burst into flames upon impact. inflicting critical and fatal injuries to the passengers and driver. The driver of that vehicle was trapped inside a Jeep Wrangler engulfed in flames. Witnesses describe seeing a column of fire. Some witnesses even alleged that they saw passengers of the vehicle on fire. One even remembers watching in horror as the occupants of the vehicle attempted to put out the flames.

Paramedics arrived on the scene. They were able to pull the driver of the Jeep out of the vehicle while. Firefighters set out to put out the flames.  The paramedics took the driver and two passengers of the Jeep Wrangler to the hospital. At least one passenger suffered from second and third degree burns. The driver’s injuries proved fatal. The injuries sustained by the driver of Jeep Wrangler proved too severe. Tragically, the driver of the Jeep Wrangler died Monday.

Rear End Accident Police

The driver of the Dodge Durango left a dire situation in his wake. The man in the Dodge Durango attempted to flee the scene after crashing into at least five vehicles. He had attempted to leave abandon that Jeep Wrangler engulfed in flames.

Police have since made an arrest of a man in conjunction with the crash. At the time of writing, they had not yet released his name.