Drone Safety Infographic Checklist

Posted On December 30, 2015 / By Manning Law / Uncategorized

Personal Injury Lawyer Drone Safety Infographic Checklist Header

Earlier this week, we posted a few of our favorite drone crash videos. While we were putting our list together, we found this great Drone Safety Infographic Checklist we knew we had to share. You can print out this Drone Safety Infographic Checklist and bring it with you, to make sure each launch is a successful one.

Pre-flight checklist infographic

If you saw our crash videos post earlier this week, you’ll know why these tips are so important.

Flying at line-of-sight below 400 feet, reduces the likelihood your drone crashes into a bigger aircraft. (Other guidelines like these serve the same purpose.) Make sure you never fly near other aircraft or within 5 miles of an air traffic control tower.

Drone equipment failure is common. That’s why this Drone Safety Infographic Checklist suggests that you don’t fly over stadiums or large groups of people.