How Can An Injury Attorney Help?

Posted On July 27, 2015 / By Manning Law / Personal Injury

Counsel Important: Even in Small Accidents

Investigative Injury Attorney

Insurance companies don’t mind that you believe you can’t be injured from low impact collisions. Property damage might often be cited as the leading factor as to how they justify a low settlement amount.

Insurance companies make their money by avoiding proper payouts on claims.

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Many feel that hiring an injury attorney for small accidents seems excessive.

This is exactly what auto insurance companies want the public to think.

A competent attorney will know exactly what games the adjuster play, and will have the language, legal backing and expertise it takes to prevent these games from hurting the injured even more.

The fact is, it is just as important to hire a medical attorney for small collisions as it is for larger claims.

Claims with an active injury attorney receive higher settlements than those claims that are handled by individuals.

Sometimes, small accidents do lead to less serious injuries. This does not mean you should stop in your attorney search. In fact, this is just another game insurance companies will play with you.

The severity of your injuries doesn’t affect your right to be compensated for the cost of those damages. If a grocery store refused to prosecute everyone who came in and stole ‘just one apple,’ they would soon be out of business (or at the very least, apples.)

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Sometimes drivers or passengers might have prior conditions that make them more susceptible to injury. The positioning of one’s body immediately prior to the collision can be a factor. Older vehicles that were from a time before “crumple zones” can mean all the energy of a collision is instead transferred into the occupants.

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There are numerous factors that can lead to seemingly harmless accidents that result in severe injuries. The types of injuries that can happen due to small car accidents can vary too–from headaches, concussions and whiplash to serious disc herniation and spinal complications.

Even if none of these factors are in play, if you or a fellow passenger are injured, it is always in your best interest to begin your attorney search, and hire an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible.

Investigative Injury Attorney

Whiplash, headaches and soreness affect everyone differently and for some can prove to be incredibly trying ordeals. Treatments like chiropractic services and physical therapy utilized for moderate injuries are expensive, painful and exasperating.  Moderate injuries can greatly affect your life.

While it’s true that there are firms who focus on solely larger claims only, there are many personal injury attorneys who stand for the rights of the injured, no matter how small the slight may appear.

Don’t let the insurance companies trick you by claiming “it was just a small accident.”

Better yet, have a qualified injury attorney make sure the insurance companies don’t pull these maneuvers on you.

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