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Sometimes “Good Faith” Isn’t Enough

“Like a good neighbor…” begins one well-known insurance company’s slogan. Many insurance companies use similar language to create a positive association between your family and their agents. But at the end of the day, an insurance company isn’t a part of your family or a trusted friend in your inner circle—they’re just a business that’s looking out for their own best interests.

When the Promise of Your Insurance Company Falls Through, We Deliver

Hope is both a strength and weakness. It’s essentially human to believe in the best of people, but “hope” on it’s own won’t pay the bills as the result of an unfortunate accident. Every month, you pay for insurance “in good faith” that your insurance company will be there for you when the situation requires their intervention.

Bad faith” then refers to a situation where your insurance company doesn’t follow through on the rightful claims you make to them. After dealing with tens of thousands of auto accidents each year, they’re well aware of the struggle that ensues with making payment arrangements, undergoing medical treatment (like for spinal injury or traumatic brain injury), and eventually getting your life back on track.

Unfortunately, an intimate knowledge of the process has done little to coax insurance companies to alleviate the many pains associated with handling the aftermath of an auto accident. If anything, our Denver car accident lawyers have seen it become increasingly more difficult to submit an auto accident claim as the years go on.

If the idea of entering another round of phone tag with your insurance company gives you a cold sweat, it may be time to loop in the Denver bad faith insurance attorneys of Manning Law.

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