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Your Spine is Central to Every Moment You Make.

This fact can be hard to accept for victims of car accidents that suffer from spinal injuries. And that’s just the beginning—less than 1% of patients suffering neurological distress after a spinal cord injury make a full recovery. If someone affects your ability to function the way you’re used to, shouldn’t they be held liable for your continued care and recovery? A Denver spinal injury attorney at Manning Law is ready to help. Call (720) 515-3191 to get started with a free consultation.

What Do You Do When Your Spine is Compromised?

A car accident that results in a spinal injury, or a traumatic brain injury, is a life-changing event.

Because of the role your spine plays in movement and other important body functions, treating a spinal injury can be an expensive, painful, and lengthy process. In some situations, recovery isn’t possible, and treatment will be necessary over the course of your life—not just a few months.

The longer you deny that there may be a problem, and the resulting time you take to seek treatment, the greater likelihood of you causing further damage to your body. Whether or not you think you’re hurt, it’s important to be seen by a doctor soon after an auto accident as part of the personal injury process.

Dealing with car accidents and injury may not be second nature to you, and that’s OK. The spinal injury attorneys at Manning Law can advise you throughout every step of the process. Besides making sure that you get the medical care that you need, we’ll also act as your first line of defense against predatory insurance companies.

Before accepting an insurance company’s early (and likely low) offer, get in touch with the expert car accident attorney in Denver that frequently handles spinal injury cases. It is easy to underestimate the severity of an injury you have never experienced before, and the resulting funds that will be necessary to treat it properly.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late—get in touch with our team of attorneys as early as possible for advice on dealing with your spinal injury. The Denver personal injury lawyers at Manning Law have decades of experience and are ready to help you with your case. When you’re ready to hire a Denver spinal injury attorney, you can reach our team by clicking here for a free consultation or by calling (720) 515-3191.