Rental Recall

Posted On September 3, 2015 / By Manning Law / Uncategorized

Always check the VIN of a vehicle you're about to drive.Always check the VIN of a vehicle you're about to drive.

Just because you’ve rented a vehicle, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. NBC News ran a great story on the problem of rental recall.

Watch this Rental Recall Story HERE.

Car rental companies buy vehicles in a way that’s pretty similar to way you or I might. That means that they have the same logistical concerns we all do after a major vehicle recall.

Unfortunately, the major rental companies all seem to wait for an “Official” recall notice before they take action. The way the recall system works means that many recalls occur before being classified as “Official.”

Before you get into a vehicle–even if it’s a rental–you should make sure that the vehicle is up-to-date.

Make sure a car isn’t under recall HERE.