Severe Injuries Caused By Seatbelts

Posted On September 25, 2022 / By Manning Law / Car Accidents

Most of us are taught from an early age about the importance of seatbelts. Whether as a child getting in the car with adults, or when we learn to drive, the seatbelt is one of the first things we should think about. 

It is true that seatbelts save lives and should always be worn while riding in or driving a vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that seatbelts can’t also cause injuries if you are involved in a car accident. It is important to know how to properly wear a seatbelt and when to recognize injuries that were incurred from a seatbelt as well as how severe they can be. 

Knowing how to wear your seatbelt properly may actually protect you. In the event that you are injured by a seatbelt that is faulty, you may have a case against the manufacturer, supplier, or other third party sellers for the damages relating to your injuries. Getting in contact with an Aurora personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for injuries suffered after an accident.

How to Properly Wear A Seatbelt 

Contrary to what most of us would hope, seatbelts aren’t exactly meant to be comfortable when worn. They are meant to be worn in a very specific way to prevent injury from movement due to impact and the airbag safety devices in vehicles. 

Important Notes:

Do not let children under 13 ride in cars without safety seats as they can be severely injured even with a seatbelt. 

Pregnant Women should never place the seatbelt across the stomach as this can cause injury.

A seatbelt is meant to be worn over the hips, under the stomach and across the body, below the neck, along the collar bone. This provides the maximum amount of stability and restriction from movement so that the body is kept stationary. 

The belt is also meant to be worn tight against the body to prevent movement while strapped in. Limiting movement will reduce the risk of injury while the vehicle is in motion or in the event of an accident. 

Lastly, when fastened properly the body should be back away from the dashboard of the vehicle with shoulders back against the seat to prevent injury from airbags and impact. 

What Kind of Injuries Can You Get From a Seatbelt? 

Seatbelts can cause serious injuries if worn improperly or if the seatbelt is faulty. 

Among the types of injuries, some of the most severe are compression injuries from the seatbelt pressing into the body with great force. This can cause major damage to the internal organs including bruising ruptures and other problems. 

Beyond that it is possible to suffer severe head and neck injuries from a poorly positioned seatbelt. The force of a crash can actually make a loose seatbelt work against the person, causing injuries like whiplash, strains, sprains, and other injuries, not including those from impacting parts of the vehicle. 

In worst cases, a faulty seatbelt may snap and cause injuries or completely disengage, which can cause a driver or passenger to proper forward at great speeds, which could potentially result in death or dismemberment. 

Always wear a seatbelt when riding or driving, but make sure the belt is functioning properly and properly fastened before putting the vehicle in motion. 

If you or someone you love has suffered from a seatbelt injury after a car accident, get legal representation from an Aurora car accident lawyer to secure compensation.