So What is an Insurance Adjuster, Anyway?

Posted On January 4, 2016 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

Sometimes people choose to hire a personal injury attorney after having a bad encounter with an insurance adjuster. If you have ever dealt with an auto accident claim, you have probably spoken with an adjuster at least once.

Who are insurance adjusters? They are employees of an insurance company who deal with accident claims. Insurance adjusters focus on evaluating claims. It is the insurance adjuster who makes  a determination as to how much money to pay out.

They are different than agents who sell you insurance. Some people love their insurance company and their agent. After they are in an accident, those feelings change. Insurance adjusters can feel like the ‘dark side’ of an insurance company.

An insurance adjuster has a challenging and often times frustrating job. They are hired to look at accident claims in depth.A good adjuster is trained to question everything.

If you choose not to hire a denver personal injury attorney, you are also choosing to negotiate with them yourself. 

Life of an Adjuster