Thanksgiving Alcohol-Impaired Accidents

Posted On November 1, 2022 / By Manning Law / Car Accidents,Drunk Driving Accidents

Thanksgiving is a holiday that, for most families, is centered around food and drink. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a large meal. In many cases, this meal is accompanied by alcohol. Unfortunately, some people overindulge in alcohol and then choose to drive home once the festivities are over. This leads to Thanksgiving being one of the most dangerous holidays for alcohol-impaired automobile accidents in the country.

Why Is Thanksgiving Such a Dangerous Holiday for Drunk Driving? 

Thanksgiving is a four-day holiday weekend for most people, with the holiday itself falling on a Thursday and being followed by Black Friday and the weekend. This means that many students and workers who are off for the holiday weekend kick off the celebration on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Day – often by drinking alcohol. For this reason, this day has been referred to as “Blackout Wednesday.” It is an extremely dangerous night for drivers.

On Thanksgiving Day itself, alcohol-impaired accidents are also a problem. Many people start celebrating the holiday by drinking early, such as while deep-frying a turkey. This may be followed by more drinking at dinner or with family and friends afterward. When it comes time to return home, too many people make the mistake of driving while impaired or intoxicated on Thanksgiving night.

Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Statistics in Colorado 

According to the Colorado Crash Data Dashboard (by CDOT), 2021 had a total of 92,960 motor vehicle accidents statewide. The month of November had 50 fatal crashes, making it the fifth deadliest month of 2021. On Thanksgiving weekend (November 24-28), 1,009 car accidents were reported in Colorado. This equated to about 202 crashes per day.

Thanksgiving Day itself saw 155 accidents in 2021, while the day before had almost double this amount – 301 traffic accidents. This emphasizes the enhanced risk of drunk driving on “Blackout Wednesday.” On Black Friday of 2021, the day after Thanksgiving, Colorado had 215 car accidents. Nationally, 406 people lost their lives during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2019, with 29 percent of these accidents involving impaired drivers.

Tips for Staying Safe This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous holidays for drunk driving accidents in Colorado and throughout the United States. Luckily, there are things that you can do to enhance your safety and decrease the risk of getting involved in one of these accidents this holiday season. Follow these tips from our team of Aurora personal injury lawyers to celebrate Thanksgiving safely in 2022:

  • Arrange a sober ride. Don’t set yourself up for failure by planning to drive home if you also plan on drinking. “Quick fixes” such as drinking coffee or chugging water don’t work. Keep in mind that buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you plan on drinking at all, don’t plan on driving. 
  • Wear your seat belt. Even if you are sober or the designated driver, the roads can be dangerous around Thanksgiving because of less responsible drivers. Wear your seat belt to protect yourself from severe and fatal injuries if a drunk driver crashes into you.
  • Keep an eye out for intoxicated drivers. If you notice anyone swerving, weaving in and out of lanes, accelerating or braking abruptly, driving the wrong way, running red lights, or otherwise driving erratically, keep your distance and call the police to report a possible drunk driver.

If you get into a car accident involving a drunk driver this Thanksgiving, contact an Aurora car accident lawyer at Manning Law for legal advice and assistance right away. An attorney can help you pursue maximum financial compensation for severe injuries or the death of a loved one from the impaired driver’s car insurance company, even if this means taking the drunk driver to court. The team of injury attorneys at Manning Law are here to help anyone injured in a drunk-driving car crash around the holidays.