The Cell Phone Myth

Posted On October 1, 2015 / By iLawyer / Uncategorized

There's one horrible cell phone myth popular amongst drivers.

We’ve been talking a lot about popular misconceptions and car accidents. One of the biggest ones out there? The cell phone myth. Lots of drivers believe that they can multitask. it’s easy to assume that you’re the one exception to the rule, but this great infographic explains why you’re wrong.

You can find the original cell phone myth infographic HERE

It's not just a cell phone myth, distracted driving is serious business.

The idea that some 21% of traffic crashes are related to cell phone usage is terrifying! Further, those accidents cost, on average, over 9,100$. That almost makes the carrier fees seem reasonable!

This cell phone myth even threatens pedestrians.

These are two great points.

While scientists are still working to understand the brain, this idea of “switching” sounds significant. If you’re driving, you should focus on the task at hand.

The study conducted by the University of Utah explains one reason why talking to a person in the car is different than talking to someone on the phone. A person who is in the car with you will comment on hazards that you might have otherwise ignored.

It's not just a cell phone myth, you've got to be able to see the road ahead of you.

These last two make a great point:

Distracted driving may even be a greater detriment to safety than drunk driving.

Hands-free devices don’t always eliminate distraction. A cell phone is far from the only thing that distracts drivers. More deadly than any “cell phone myth” is the idea that a car is just a room on wheels. It’s not a place to apply makeup, catch a quick lunch or take that call you’ve been missing.

While it may seem “boring,” we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe out there.