Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Posted On May 21, 2015 / By iLawyer / Traumatic Brain Injury

There’s just something impressive about the brain. The three pound organ weighs half as much as the skin and is nearly 75% water. The brain plays a part in nearly everything from boredom to yawns. You may have heard all of those facts before–but what you may not have heard is just how little we really understand about one of our most important organs.


That’s one of the reasons traumatic brain injuries are so serious. Because Doctors and Scientists understand so little about how the various processes involved in our brain work, it is difficult for them to predict what might happen to a patient who is suffering from a brain injury.

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In spite of the tremendous advances made in recent years, insurance companies have been known to reject claims based upon the latest and greatest medical treatments. When you or a loved one has been injured, you want to know that the care you are receiving is the best you can get.


Lawyers can help you by serving as your very own traumatic brain injury attorney. If your insurance company is giving you the run around or you were involved in accident, you might meet with a personal injury attorney.

The attorney reviews your case, and then responds to the insurance company. Because personal injury lawyers work on a variety of accident cases, they are the most experienced at dealing with the insurance company payment process. A traumatic brain injury attorney will know how to negotiate an incredibly complicated case so that you can focus on the road to recovery.


There are different types of brain injury (acquired, traumatic) and there are different causes. Sometimes it’s an on the job injury, others a complication or maybe an accident. Whatever the cause, the important thing is finding an advocate who understands what the doctor is saying and can help make sure you can afford the treatment.

It is important to also remember that no traumatic brain injury attorney should charge you a fee for an initial consultation. You should expect your personal injury case to be taken on contingency.