Truck Accident Infographic

Posted On April 6, 2016 / By Manning Law / Truck Accidents

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There’s something startling about this great truck accident infographic we found from the McDonald Firm in Texas. There’s no two ways about it: our roadways are the scene of far too many tragedies. That’s why we wanted to share this truck accident infographic with you.

Truck Accident Infographic

Yesterday we provided some examples as to why trucking accidents happen because of passenger vehicle driver and semi-truck driver interaction- and also why they can be so dangerous- but this infographic really exemplifies the triggers and continued ramifications of a truck accident.

Alcohol and drug use by the trucker contributes to accidents. So does drowsiness, and as many truck drivers have quotas to meet, tired driving occurs far more than it should.

Even after the initial crash, fires, and road hazards can cause even more collisions and injuries.

Keep this infographic in mind as you continue to drive safety on the highways- you can’t always expect what the people driving around you have been up to, or the odd dangers that end up on the roads.