When You Need A Lawyer: Getting A Fair Settlement After A Rear End Accident

Posted On February 12, 2016 / By Manning Law / Car Accidents,Personal Injury

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There you are, sitting a red-light when, BAM. You are rear-ended by another driver. After the initial commotion dies down, and after you treat for your injuries, you might assume that a settlement could be reached fairly quickly. I mean, you were just sitting at a red light! You did nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, Insurance companies tend to dig their heels in with claims–all claims. It is how they make their money. This means they’re likely to investigate.

What can you do to try and get a fair settlement? Since adjusters have so many cases they are evaluating, the simple answer is make it easy for them to evaluate your claim. This means building an organized file.

Collecting Primary Information:

Immediately after a crash, you probably aren’t thinking too much about future claims. The trauma after a crash can make anyone to forget things, but the more information collected at the scene of the accident, the better. At the scene of the accident try and collect the following information:

  1. Police Report/ Police Report number

If cops have arrived at the scene, they will start recording information for their police report. While the actual report is drafted later, the police should provide you with a number that will help you request the police report later. If there are no extenuating circumstances, the report will be available from the county’s office a couple days after the accident. Make sure you get an accident exchange form with the police report number.

  1. Contact information of everyone involved.

Most importantly, get the information of the person who hit you. That includes name, address, and telephone. If they are willing, try and get their birthday as well. Too much information is better than not enough.

Also try and find any witnesses that can corroborate with your story. You might not have time to get a full statement from them (or police might already be doing that) but it is wise to at least get their names and phone numbers so you can contact them later.

  1. Insurance Company Information

You need the company they are insured by, as well as the policy number. This will allow you to file the claims you need.

Days Following the Accident

If you are injured, seek medical attention. Do not try and wait it out, instead make sure you are checked out by a medical professional. Beyond getting the treatment you need, it will also document your injuries for the claim.

Adjusters will not compensate you for injuries you can’t prove. Unfortunately, they cannot take your word for it. Get treatment and document your injuries.

You will want to file claims with the insurance company of the person who hit you as well as your own insurance company. Insurance companies usually have a phone number to call where you provide the policy number, open a claim and get the name of the adjuster who will be working your case.

Start a File

Once you start treating and once you begin contact with the insurance companies, you will see a lot of paperwork start flowing in; correspondence letters, medical records, witness statements etc. Keep a file and keep it all in one place. When you eventually present your case to the adjuster, the more organized the easier it will be for them to settle your case.

Get an Attorney

All of that being said, it is always prudent to get a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Denver will have the know-how it takes to swiftly and correctly present your case to adjuster. Attorneys will organize your file for you and know the best way to work your case. You can check out our guide to Denver Attorney Reviews to help jumpstart your search.