Workplace Exposure Claims In Denver

Posted On June 24, 2016 / By Manning Law / Personal Injury

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Looking for a workplace exposure claim lawyer in Denver can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking some time to read up on how workplace exposure lawyers work, you’ll be able to navigate finding a workplace exposure claim lawyer in Denver like a pro!

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article explaining why a good workplace injury lawyer in Denver is so hard to find. So what is workplace exposure, and how can you go about finding a competent workplace exposure claim lawyer in Denver?

“While it’s an overly simple definition, it can be helpful to think of “exposure,” like an afternoon in the sun. You probably aren’t rubbing the sun all over you, but on the right kind of afternoon, you can feel the light come into contact with your skin. Exposure is like that. Breathing fumes or inhaling dust  are very common causes of workplace exposure incidents. Not all workspaces are properly ventilated or up to code. Some jobs are more dangerous than others–and that’s why exposure can include injection into the skin, a common occurrence in some kinds of industrial accidents.” (from our article A Word About Workplace Exposure)

While that’s an overly simplistic definition, it might give you some idea as to why finding a lawyer is so important after a workplace exposure incident.

Importance Of Hiring A Workplace Exposure Accident Lawyer

Workplace exposure isn’t the only risk to your health you might encounter in the office place.  Stressful jobs and overexertion at work can really take a toll on your health. That’s likely why many states put together occupational health and safety guidelines for employers. The exercises and guidelines put together by together by states like Ohio are designed to help employers develop strategies that make their workplaces more safe.

But today, the average company has a lot more complexity than it did when these regulations were written. Advances in technology mean that the workplace of tomorrow is going to look very different from the workplace of today or even yesterday. That’s one of the reasons why it can be so hard to find commercial accident lawyer or a workplace exposure lawyer in Denver.

Traditionally, injuries that happened on the job were covered under Workman’s Compensation policies. The problem is that over the last few years, companies have increasingly begun to do business in a different way. Five or ten years ago it was very common for a company to have employees. Nowadays it has become more common for a company to have only contractors and subcontractors. In the extraction industry, for example, many sites are owned by one company, operated by another and staffed by a third or even fourth. This can make filing for a worker’s compensation claim nigh unto impossible.

That’s why if you suspect you’ve been involved in a workplace incident, you need to start your search for a workplace exposure claim lawyer in Denver right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult investigating and putting together the required evidence to support your claim will be.

Getting Help From A Denver Personal Injury Lawyer For A Workplace Claim

Most lawyers in the Denver area offer free consultations, and are actually happy to offer some limited legal advice during these sessions. You can take advantage of this to find out exactly how the Denver personal injury attorney you’re speaking with plans to represent your case. This information can be very helpful in your search for a workplace exposure claim lawyer in Denver.

You should also know that Colorado is in OSHA Region 8. Here in Denver, we’re very fortunate to have the regional office very close by. OSHA offers a ton of great resources that are worth checking out.