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It might seem strange to think of hiring a bicycle accident attorney after you’re involved in a bicycle accident, but the truth is that there are a number of situations where you may benefit from the services an experienced (and well-reviewed) attorney can offer you.

A few days ago, Rand Spear, a Philadelphia based attorney, pointed out some of the unique complexities of bicycle accidents. Mr. Spear put hosted a two part podcast all about some of the unique challenges presented by bicycle accidents.

In one Phoenix case, a woman intentionally struck her boyfriend with her vehicle. Because this was an intentional accident, it was prosecuted in a manner different than many other pedestrian accidents.

We’ve written in the past about startling pedestrian accident facts, and even offered some tips for pedestrian safety. One thing we found as we were preparing these articles is that insurance companies are very well positioned to defend drivers in these situations.

When an accident involves a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the consequences of such a collision can be very serious. These sorts of injuries can require a great deal of medical care–which often comes at a steep cost. You should be able to recover the compensation you need to fully recover from your accidents.

Over the past few years, a number of attorneys have begun to notice these discrepancies–especially in Colorado where many people enjoy outdoor activities like cycling.

The above video (from Denver’s own Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher LLP) underscores just how serious these injuries can be. We weren’t kidding when we said lots of Colorado lawyers care about bicycle accidents.

Because many personal injury attorneys claim to be experienced at negotiating with insurance companies, it can be helpful to use our guide to Denver Attorney Reviews to find a professional you can trust to work with.

That doesn’t mean that you’re totally at the mercy of the road when cycling.

We like this video, because like our article on avoiding motorcycle accidents, this video reminds viewers of just how important proper preparation is to a successful ride.

Proper preparation is crucial for a safe ride. This can mean understanding the unique challenges presented by the terrain you’re biking over. You can find lots of great resources (like the video above) online to help familiarize yourself with these challenges before you get out onto the road.

The video above (from the NHTSA) explains some of the rights and responsibilities that motorists have. That’s because in many states, bikes are actually considered vehicles. That can mean that a bicyclist is responsible for following all of the rules of the roadway like stopping at stop signs and being visible at night. As the video above asserts, nearly every state requires bicyclists to have one white light at the front of the bike and one red light at the back.

In some accidents, insurance companies will use a legal doctrine known as “contributory negligence” to argue that a bicyclist who isn’t following these rules of the road deserves some share of the blame for causing an accident. Insurance companies make this argument because doing so can lessen the amount that the insurance company of the driver who hit you will be compelled to offer you in a settlement. One thing that many cyclists do not know is that you can be protected for an accident caused by an action taken to avoid an accident. More often than not, making such a complex argument is beyond the ability of even the savviest of accident victims.

That’s one of the reasons you may want to consider taking a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. The driver who struck your bicycle will be represented by a powerful insurance company–don’t you want someone just as strong in your corner?


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