Driverless Car Accident

Posted On December 16, 2016 / By Manning Law / Car Accidents


If you’re anything like us you spend a great deal of time watching the news. One of the more exciting recent technological developments that is beginning to receive widespread news coverage is the emergence of driverless cars. Proponents are quick to assert that driverless cars could prevent more than 90% of car accidents. Others worry that driverless cars could disrupt the auto insurance industry. Some attorneys have speculated that we may not know how to resolve these concerns until courts begin to hear driverless car accident cases. Some are excited by the possibility of vehicle recalls that could be completed at the push of a button.

It wasn’t too long ago that sources inside the industry are reported to have joked about the possibility of driverless vehicles.

Do Rumors GM Executives Joked About Driverless Cars And The Tech Industry Have Merit?It’s easy to joke about things that seem unfamiliar. The truth is, if you were waiting for an example of a real legal challenge presented by a driverless car accident, you got what you were looking for earlier this year.