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Posted On September 23, 2015 / By Manning Law / Personal Injury

When you actually need a lawyer

Sometimes an accident is clear cut. It’s obvious who is right and who is wrong. The damages are straightforward and costs are easy to calculate.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a personal injury case, you know the truth. Those exceptions are rare.

An attorney’s skills can make the difference in a case–no matter how many parts it has.

Whether the laws related to your case are particularly complex or your injuries severe, here a few cases where you’ll be glad to have an attorney.

Severe Injuries

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Serious Accident

You need to find a personal injury lawyer if you or someone you love has severe injuries after an accident.

Here’s why.

After an accident, compensation is based on severity. Severity is measured by a few factors. Some of the more common components of severity include: the dollar amount of your medical bills, the nature and location of your injuries, and just how long you are unable to work.  

Insurance companies cannot operate if they pay out large amounts on claims without a fight. The range of compensation that is available to you is based on how severe or long lasting your injuries are.

You can bet that the at-fault insurance company has lawyers trying to settle on the lower end of the range they can reasonably settle at. This is simply their job.

If you have severe injuries, make sure you also find a personal injury lawyer who can help make sure that your case settles on the higher-end of the range.

Medical Malpractice

You might need to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer if you've been a victim of medical malpractice.

You shouldn’t try and take on a medical malpractice case on your own. Find a personal injury lawyer before you consider suing for medical malpractice.

TV makes being a health care provider look easy. The truth is,no matter how simple it might seem to you, your case will be complex.

The laws governing medical malpractice are complicated. On top of that, the law is written to protect the brave men and women who practice medicine.

Careless and unprofessional treatment by ‘problem’ doctors, nurses and hospitals does more than make the industry look bad. Wanton disrespect for safety and other standards by doctors (or, for that matter, any other medical providers) kill people.

Because of the complexity of medical malpractice cases, many lawyers offer free initial consultations. Take of advantage of them. This is not a situation you should face alone.

Insurance Refusing to Pay

Often after you Find a Personal Injury Lawyer, your insurance company and doctor will want to negotiate.

Has your insurance company offered you next to nothing for your accident?

This happens all the time. The case sounds simple. Another party is demonstrably at fault. The victim seeks treatment from a reasonable number of medical providers and files an insurance claim. The insurance company offers right up to nothing.

If you were offered a settlement that doesn’t even cover your bills: hire a lawyer.

It is likely that your insurance company has decided for you that the threat of a lawsuit might be your best option.

A good personal injury attorney can find out what an insurance company is trying to hide. That’s why having a lawyer can increase the value of your case.

Find a Good Lawyer

Sometimes, you just need to find a personal injury attorney

Finding a good lawyer can be a long process. The search is worth it if your case involve any of the injuries we mention above.

Jumpstart your search with our guide to attorney reviews

Our acquaintances, friends and family are often the best resource to turn to with a question. Referrals are often a good place to start trying to find a personal injury lawyer, too. Ask acquaintances, friends and family for referrals. If you’ve worked with a lawyer in the past you respect, you can ask them for a recommendation, too.

Personal injury lawyers often take cases on contingency. That means that many personal injury attorneys also offer free consultations. After you have a few ‘candidates,’ call and set up some ‘interviews.’  The best way to find a great personal injury lawyer is to find someone you feel comfortable with.