How to Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries

Posted On July 24, 2023 / By Manning Law / Premises Liability,Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents can be painful and cause serious injuries, including hip fractures and head trauma. According to the National Safety Council, falls are the leading cause of unintentional-injury related deaths in the United States. While property owners in Colorado are legally responsible for the safety and maintenance of their premises, experienced Denver premises liability attorneys suggest safety measures you can take as a visitor to help prevent harmful slip and fall accidents.

Safety Tips For Property Owners 

If you own a building, home or piece of land in Colorado, you have a legal obligation to keep it reasonably safe and clear of hazards. Property owners legally must prevent foreseeable risks of harm, including potential slip or trip accidents. If they fail to maintain a premises with the degree of care that a prudent property owner would use under similar circumstances, they could be held liable for a related slip and fall accident. If you are a property owner, our experienced personal injury lawyer in Denver recommends taking the following steps to help prevent slip and falls:

  • Practice routine maintenance. Do not let your property fall into a dangerous state of disrepair. Schedule regular maintenance checks to stay on top of premises safety.
  • Check for new or hidden property hazards. Take daily walks around your property to search for any new issues, such as cracked sidewalks or broken floorboards.
  • Repair known or discovered defects promptly. If you notice anything amiss during maintenance checks or an issue has been reported, schedule repairs without delay.
  • Warn visitors of potential risks. While repairs are underway, post signs in obvious locations that warn visitors of any property hazards that may not be apparent.
  • Prevent common slip and fall hazards. Know what to avoid, including exposed wires, poor lighting, wet floors, clutter, obstacles and dilapidated staircases.

It is a property owner’s responsibility to keep lawful property visitors safe while they are on your premises. If someone suffers an injury in a slip and fall accident due to an avoidable hazard on your property, you could bear financial responsibility for that person’s medical bills and losses. 

Safety Tips For Property Visitors

Do not assume that a property is safe just because they allow or welcome visitors. This includes businesses and commercial properties, such as grocery stores, shopping centers, malls and restaurants, as well as property owned by the government for public use. Take your safety into your own hands with the following tips: 

  • Check the weather. If it has been raining or snowing in your area, expect slippery surfaces and dress appropriately.
  • Wear the right shoes. Closed-toed, non-slip shoes can help you stay on your feet and avoid a slip and fall accident even in dangerous weather conditions.
  • Light the way. If you are in a dark or poorly lit area, use a flashlight to light the path in front of you. This can help you see puddles, ice or debris that could present a slip and fall hazard.
  • Report hazards. If you notice potential slip or trip and fall hazards at work, in a department store or elsewhere in Colorado, report it to the manager or property owner.
  • Don’t walk while distracted. Avoid looking down at your cellphone, reading, eating and other distractions while walking or jogging. Pay attention to the path in front of you.

If you get injured in a slip or trip and fall accident in Colorado despite your best efforts to stay on your feet, contact the attorneys at Manning Law. Our Denver slip and fall accident lawyers can help you go up against a negligent property owner to prove that he or she did not take proper care of the premises. We can help you prove your case and seek fair financial compensation for your losses.