Nursing Home Admission Agreement Graphic

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Nursing Home Admission Agreement Graphic

When someone you love has been injured and you’re thinking about a nursing home it’s normal to feel like you have to act quickly. That’s why we made this nursing home admission agreement graphic. It’s important to remember to go slow.

It’s hard to make decisions about life care. It’s even harder to understand the complicated stream of paperwork you’re presented with.

It can be hard to accept, but the nursing homes and hospitals do this on purpose.

If you’re paying with insurance, you may run into even more hurdles.

Nursing Home Admission Agreements often ask you to surrender the rights of your loved one. One common example is an arbitration clause. An arbitration clause requires you to agree to a process that is not a court proceeding. Many families do not discover they have signed such a clause until it is too late.

If you are considering a nursing home, take a free consultation with a local lawyer. Use our guide to attorney reviews to help kickstart your search.