Selecting the right injury attorney

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Selecting the ideal attorney for your needs

If you are facing injuries due to the negligence of another person, it quickly becomes essential to consult an attorney. You will want to speak with an injury attorney, but what exactly should you be looking for while looking for the best person to lead you through this troublesome process?

First, being compiling a list of prospective attorneys. Laws differ by states in regards to personal injury, so you will want to obtain counsel in whichever state you were injured in- this means that if you were on vacation in Colorado, but live in Illinois, choose knowledge of laws over proximity to home, and start building a list of Colorado based law firms.

In building your list, begin first with personal referrals. Many people have been injured and sought the advice and counsel of an injury attorney, so you may have friends and or who can point you in the right direction.

 Check out this cool hiring a personal injury attorney infographic.

The internet is a fantastic, but often times overwhelming resource. There are half a dozen websites that allow you to search by specialty area and location. and can be a good place to begin your attorney search.  Just searching the web in general can provide dozens of potential attorneys and law firms.


While the web can be a valuable resource towards creating an initial prospect list, you will want to narrow your initial leads down into what seem like your best 5-10 options.


In narrowing down your attorney search, first evaluate their specialty areas. It is incredibly common to find attorneys who are the “Jack of all trades” You might also have inklings to fall back onto that family attorney or tax attorney you know well. While there are very competent “one size fits all” attorneys in the country, when it comes to injuries and your health, it is critical to find a specialized personal injury attorney.  There are dozens of nuances in the law, and you will want the person whose has that legal knowledge and expertise you can confidently stand behind. Any attorney who spreads themselves too thin across practice areas might not be the best selection when it is your physical well-being. Trim your potential list by choosing a medical attorney who knows this type of law comprehensively.


Cross check references and see what the legal community says about the legal representation you are considering. Is the lawyer a member of personal injury trial lawyers’ associations, such as the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”) or Colorado’s Colorado Trial Lawyer Association (“CTLA”) Memberships in these organization can be indicative of quality legal expertise.

Check out the injury attorney’s website- do they advertise? Is it tacky? Do they seem more interested in their client’s prosperity or seeking out those high dollar jackpots? You will be working very closely with your chosen attorney. Because of the necessity of complete honesty in this often intimate process, it will be a painful experience if you and your attorney do not share the same goals and ethical core. While it can seem enticing to go with that huge firm that advertises huge payouts, at the end of the day, you will want to truly trust the person you are selecting to represent you.

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Once you have your list narrowed down, it is a matter of shopping around. Most injury attorneys will offer free consultations. Be aware, they are often evaluating you as well. Some firms may not take cases if the recovery amount is below a certain amount or if the claim is not completely clear.


Do not immediately dismiss an attorney if they do not get back to your right away. The best medical attorney is most likely going to have a hectic schedule.

Be patient and persistent, and use your gut when selecting your legal representative. Figure out your priorities and at the end of the day; go with the attorney who made you feel comfortable during this often trying time.