What Is A Defective Product Lawsuit?

Posted On March 25, 2016 / By Manning Law / Personal Injury

Many good and honest hard working people work for the companies in the industries that manufacture the products we consume on a daily basis. Even though many of these people have good intentions, there are times where products that are faulty still end up on the shelves of stores. If you are injured by a product that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, you have a right to recover the costs of your injuries. The person who has wronged you, should seek to make you whole on their own. If they don’t, you may want to consider filing a defective product lawsuit.

While you can be injured in all sorts of ways, defective product lawsuits tend to fall into three basic categories. Defectively Designed products that just aren’t safe. A product could also have been defectively manufactured, or made in a way that just doesn’t meet the quality standards for the product. Some people refer to these products as the “5:00 watch,” a joke that suggests the watch was made at the end of a shift, when workers were anxious to go home. Sometimes products don’t ship with proper documentation, instructions or safety warnings. While you may encounter a unique defective product lawsuit, the majority fall into these three categories.

The products that we use today are manufactured across the country and even in many cases, the world.Your lawsuit might need to include more than just the company with which you were doing business! Today’s companies employ all sorts of different kinds of contractors including quality-control engineers. You may even have to include companies operating in different countries. That’s one of the reasons why it is recommended that you meet with an attorney before filing a defective product lawsuit.  You may even have to include companies operating in different countries.

The amount of time you have to file your case depends on the date when your injury occurred and the state in which you reside. Generally, each offense has a statute of limitations. You can find information about the statute of limitations for defective product claims in Colorado, HERE. This is why one of the first things your attorney will do, will be to ask you about when the incident occurred.

Your attorney will know that in order to win your case you will have to prove a few different things. You’ll need to establish that you were injured in some way. You’ll need to prove that a product was defective in some way, and that that defect was the specific cause. Your attorney will also need to establish that you were using the product in the manner it was intended to be used.

Your attorney will be able to help explain the difference between compensatory and punitive damages. Most defective product lawsuits do not involve punitive damages, as they are thought of as a way to punish particularly egregious behavior. Your attorney will help you calculate your monetary and non-monetary damages, and will then formulate a strategy for recovering your expenses or defending your interests.

While you consider your options, you may find our guide to Denver Attorney reviews helpful in your search for information about filing a defective product lawsuit.