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Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

Posted On October 3, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

With winter just around the corner, we wanted to talk a little bit about a weather hazard many people don’t think about. Stormy weather conditions make driving more dangerous. In order to avoid dangerous car accidents on the road, you need to adjust how you normally operate your vehicle. By paying extra attention before you drive…

How Chiropractors Help Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted On September 30, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents,Personal Injury,Spinal Cord Injury

The moments immediately after a car accident tend to be a bit of a whirlwind. With all the adrenaline, our Aurora car accident lawyers know it can take some time to realize how much physical pain you are in. If, after initial check ups at the emergency room or with your primary care physician, you…

Severe Injuries Caused By Seatbelts

Posted On September 25, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

Most of us are taught from an early age about the importance of seatbelts. Whether as a child getting in the car with adults, or when we learn to drive, the seatbelt is one of the first things we should think about.  It is true that seatbelts save lives and should always be worn while…

Common Examples of Distracted Driving

Posted On September 25, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

Coloradans are no strangers to the problems that distracted driving can cause. In fact, distracted driving is still one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. Learning to recognize behaviors that are considered distracted driving may help save you from an accident either one you cause or being a victim of…

Colorado Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

Posted On August 29, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

Drunk driving is a serious act of recklessness that greatly increases the risk of catastrophic and fatal car accidents. Every year, thousands of people get injured and lose their lives in collisions involving alcohol. In the fight against drunk driving, awareness and education are crucial. Keeping up with the most recent Colorado drunk driving accident…

What To Do After a Parking Lot Car Accident

Posted On August 21, 2022 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

 Would it surprise you to learn that roughly 14% of vehicle accidents with property damage occur in commercial parking lots? Unlike personal injury cases, a lawyer can resolve a property damage claim case relatively quickly. Parking lot accidents are so common that many people don’t even bother retaining a lawyer. (We’ll have another blog soon…