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When You Need A Lawyer: Getting A Fair Settlement After A Rear End Accident

Posted On February 12, 2016 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents,Personal Injury

There you are, sitting a red-light when, BAM. You are rear-ended by another driver. After the initial commotion dies down, and after you treat for your injuries, you might assume that a settlement could be reached fairly quickly. I mean, you were just sitting at a red light! You did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, Insurance companies…

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Posted On February 1, 2016 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents,Personal Injury

After a car accident, you’ll likely feel pretty sore. Whether you’re stressed about missing work, or wondering how you’ll get your car fixed, you know car accidents can be stressful. Personal injury cases can be stressful, too. Sometimes, it can take a couple of days for adrenaline levels to drop. After that happens, many are…

Holiday Drunk Driving

Posted On December 21, 2015 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

We wrote earlier this month about how the holiday season means an increased fire risk. According to the CDC, between 2003-2012 more than 1,700 people were killed in Colorado car crashes involving a drunk driver. While our rate of death is below the national average, 1.9% of Colorado adults report driving after having had too…

Crazy Car Accident Facts

Posted On November 16, 2015 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents

We’re always amazed by some of the things we learn. When we found these three great websites last week, full of crazy car accident facts, we knew we wanted to share them with you. We’ll get right to it! This first list of facts comes from CalculateMe. You can check it out here. I wouldn’t…

Four More Accident Myths

Posted On October 2, 2015 / By Content Edit / Burn Injury,Car Accidents

Hopefully, you’ve already gotten a chance to check out our first post on car accident myths. Myth: People who make injury claims are just looking to make some easy money. You’ve probably seen the person who rips off their neck brace walking down the courtroom steps on TV before. Maybe you’ve even seen someone pouring water on…

Three Particularly Stunning UIM Videos

Posted On September 9, 2015 / By Content Edit / Car Accidents,Drunk Driving Accidents

UIM or Underinsured Motorist coverage is a special type of auto insurance. According to some sources, as many as 2 out of every 7 drivers is only insured up to the “state minimum” level of coverage. In Colorado, that means that many drivers are only covered for “25/50:” $25,000 of individual damage and $50,000 dollars…